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With the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) setting all time lows in January, at 37.7, and February at an astonishing level of 25.0 (1985 = 100), it will be very interesting to see where we stand when the latest reports are posted on March 31st. We’ve talked a lot about investor behavior, the driving factors of […]

This may seem eerily similar to an entry just a couple weeks ago, entitled “Monitor Your Allocations”, and it is. The last year to eighteen months have been very difficult, but those losses could have been softened and upcoming gains can be enhanced through advantageous positions within your portfolio. We have used the natural resources […]

With so many different variables effecting this current economic climate, it has to be obvious by now that recovery will take time. We are facing unprecedented difficulty in so many areas, from the financial systems to the real estate markets, unemployment rates to consumer confidence, and the list goes on. It is very difficult today […]