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One of the things we always stress to our existing and prospective 401(k) clients is the importance of an open-architecture approach. The biggest reasons for that are to create an arrangement with checks and balances, and to work with service providers who are solely focused on their core competencies. Another extremely important aspect to this […]

The upward trends of March have continued through the month of April. The DOW and S&P are continuing to climb back towards positive territory for the year, and the NASDAQ continues to outperform at positive 7%. Three of the leading sectors continue to be technology, financial services and natural resources, especially since the March 9th […]

Please take a moment to view the attached profile of our firm. This piece will run in the May issue of Forbes Magazine, as they focus a series on Oregon and Pacific NW investment professionals. Best regards, Ron Sloy Learn more about Ron Sloy.

The first quarter of 2009 brought a little bit of everything. Consumer confidence has never been measured at lower levels than what we saw through January and February, and the markets reacted accordingly. We witnessed unprecedented economic conditions, more unnerving stories of greed and deception, and levels of government intervention like never before. The S&P […]