Helping Hand – Ron Sloy and Robert Bouder


Welcome back! I wanted to take a moment to wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season. As we all know, times have been tough. It has been a year to remind us all of how fortunate we really are.

This past summer, I met a man who had been sleeping in front of our office building for months. After multiple conversations with him, I learned he was a genuinely kind person who happened to be down on his luck, like so many these days. Through his courage and effort, along with a little help from us, Robert Bouder has been able to regain employment and find himself a place to live.

Rob wanted to pass along his story. He contacted Fox 12 News; we received a call from reporter Kevin Koari who we have since met with. The segment aired last night December 9th during the 10pm news on Fox 12. Should you find interest, you can watch Ronald Sloy’s newest video here.

Again, happy holidays.

Learn more about Ron Sloy.


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