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Unless you trade stocks under a rock you’ve probably heard discouraged bulls ask if the rally can continue without the financials. The XLF, the ETF that tracks financials is the worst performing S&P sector ETF down about 6% year to date. And the conventional wisdom has been that until this sector can play catch up, […]

After dropping below its 200-day moving average, we wanted to see just what Apple (AAPL) stock is worth. There are tons of opinions out there and many price targets, but it’s always good to do some of your own research and see what a company has to do to be worth a certain price. We […]

Sizing up banks stocks…Are banks stocks cheap or dangerous? Analysts can’t agree. Financial stocks in the S & P 500 have fallen 4 perecent this year even as the broader market has risen 6 percent. Some mutual fund managers say banks should be avoided since they’re facing increased scrutiny from government regulators. Oppenheimer analyst Chris […]

Home prices began double-dipping months ago, but now that S&P/Case Shiller has chimed in, it really must be so. This report is the most widely-followed home price index, equally quoted in bank boardrooms, Treasury Department back rooms, and Congressional Committees. The report finds home prices in Q1 of this year are now 2.9 percent below […]