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Then and now


Are we going through a stock crash like the six-month plunge in 2008-2009? Financial analysts see similarities but also differences between the two big drops: What’s Similar: Market volatility. The Dow is falling or rising by hundreds of points each day. It has fallen or risen by at least 4 percent each day this week. […]

Research shows that 401(k) investors who keep saving despite market turmoil generally end up ahead. Among 1.6 million people who maintained 401(k)s between the end of 1999 and the end of 2009, the median balance tripled, despite two downturns, giving them an average annual growth rate of 11.6 percent. Why stay invested? Missing out on […]

In light of the recent market volatility and wide spread concern regarding global economic conditions, we wanted to reach out and share a few thoughts with you. First and foremost, please remember that retirement plan assets are long term investments. We were able to maintain that mindset from 2007 thru 2010, and it helped produce […]

Ron Sloy with Sloy, Dahl & Holst, Inc. is very proud to announce that Michael G. Tudor has earned the designation of Qualified Plan Financial Consultant (QPFC), through the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA). Michael is one of less than 10 QPFC’s in the state of Oregon, and 250 in the nation. […]