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Bank of America Merrill Lynch [BAC 7.32 0.10 (+1.39%) ] experts think they have the presidential election next year figured out, and the news is not good for the incumbent. President Obama likely will lose in a narrow race, while the Republicans also take complete control of Washington by getting a Senate majority as well, […]

Headlines from Europe will once more hijack investor focus in the coming week. Philippe Wojazer | AFP | Getty Images French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel ——————————————————————————– There are some major U.S. economic reports, and it’s the biggest week of the quarterly earnings reporting season, with 193 companies, nearly 40 percent of […]

Concern about an effective European bailout has decimated U.S. investor sentiment, causing them to ignore an earnings season that shows stocks offer a great value right now, some traders and strategists are starting to say. Photo: Oliver P. Quilla for NYSE trader ——————————————————————————– The worst-case scenario right now is “waking up to news that […]

Back in June our newsletter suggested that it would be a very volatile summer, which proved to be the case. Over the course of the last seven months we’ve experienced a handful of major events which have made 2011 very challenging. First, in March, Japan suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami. The stock markets both […]