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Finance professor Jeremy Siegel, who thought the Dow Jones Industrial Average could rise as high as 15,000 just last month, now thinks it can go to 17,000 in 2013. Valuations are attractively low, the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School professor said, making this “one of the cheapest stock markets I’ve seen.” “Dividend-paying stocks, value stocks, […]

Now that the stress tests are over, US banking stocks are likely to increase at least 25 percent in the year ahead as investors realize the sector is in solid condition, analyst Dick Bove told CNBC Wednesday. The biggest factors driving that recognization, Bove said, are the windfall from the European sovereign debt crisis—clients fleeing […]

Apple’s stock price could go to $960 or higher, giving the tech giant a market value approaching $1 trillion, a Morgan Stanley analyst said Wednesday. Apple’s stock [AAPL 585.57 0.01 (+0%) ] soared to a fresh record following the call by Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty. Getty Images The new iPad is displayed during an Apple […]

We usually mark births, wedding anniversaries, and promotions at work with celebrations. But should we even mark or mention the anniversary of the March 2009 low in the US stock market? I say yes, and here’s why. Lots of lessons can be learned from the past, but those lessons don’t dictate where we are going […]