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Sure, banks have made some mistakes. There was that incident about Bank of America charging its own customers $5 a month to use their ATM cards. And then there was that whole wrecking-the-economy thing. It’s been a tough few years. InvestingBy John Waggoner Justin Sullivan, Getty Images Many investors have avoided bank stocks after the […]

Wall street analysts who have never visited China are providing estimates for a culture they don’t fully comprehend. The objective of this paper is to explain why their estimates are grossly insufficient. Apple (AAPL) strategically released its iPhone4s in China on 1/13/12 coinciding with the beginning of the Chinese (Lunar) New Year, which is by […]

Unless you trade stocks under a rock you’ve probably heard discouraged bulls ask if the rally can continue without the financials. The XLF, the ETF that tracks financials is the worst performing S&P sector ETF down about 6% year to date. And the conventional wisdom has been that until this sector can play catch up, […]

In an earlier article, entitled “A Conservative Outlook For Apple’s Present and Future, Part 1”, I examined in detail Apple’s (AAPL) current product lineup as well as other drivers of revenue growth. In this second article, I outline a very conservative business future for Apple and then, using these projected financials, I calculate an estimate […]

Investing too conservatively Many retirees invest much more conservatively when they finish working. That overlooks the reality that retirement can last for decades. It’s essential to continue to seek long-term growth by investing in stocks and riskier assets than just CDs and bonds. The aim is to protect your savings against inflation and minimixe the […]

It’s been three years since the March, 2009 lows on the Dow and S & P 500; 6,500 and 667 respectively. Three years later, as we begin the second quarter of 2012, both indices are approximately 100% higher. What lessons can we learn from these past three years? No one knows when we’ve reached a […]